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(now open at Somanahalli)
  Welcome to Kadambam  

Kadambam literally means “combination”. In the context of a garland, it means a garland consisting various types of flowers. In food, it means a delicious rice preparation with toor dal, spices and different vegetables like sweet pumpkin, raw banana, cluster beans etc. Served hot with “Sandige”, Kadambam is a treat for the palate.

Kadambam is a group of restaurants, which serve authentic Iyengar cuisine. The menu is pure vegetarian. The food is famous for its taste, the healthy contents, hygienic preparation and consistent quality. Very reasonably priced, Kadambam offers delicious menu. Apart from the restaurant, there is a catering service as well for Corporate Clients, Parties and Celebrations. Kadambam is located in Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India and the home for many Iyengar families. It is spreading its wings out of Bangalore as well, by opening a Franchise on the Bangalore Mysore State Highway in Channapatna.

Step into any Kadambam restaurant. You will come out with a lingering taste and satisfaction!


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