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Vaishnavism is a broad-based universal religion, which is open to one and all independent of Caste, creed, gender, and scholarship of the individual. Followers of Vaishnavism are Vaishanavas. They pray to Lord Vishnu. Iyengars are Vaishanvites.

Iyengars are present in good numbers in Karnataka, TamilNadu and Andhra. They speak Tamil, Kannada and Telugu. Iyengars follow the Visishtadvaita philosophy propounded by Sri Ramanujacharya.

Among Iyengars we have sub groups like Hebbar Iyengars, Mandyam Iyengars and Sholiyar Iyengars.

The etymology of Hebbar, in Kannada, resolves to “hebbu/hiridhu” (meaning big) + “haaruva” (meaning brahmin).

The characteristic dialect of the Hebbar Iyengars is called Hebbar Tamil and is a mixture of Kannada and archaic Tamil, along with a minor influence of Sanskrit. However almost all Hebbar Iyengars are conversant in Kannada as the language of communication with others in society.

Hebbar Iyengars originate from five (main pancha grama) villages:

  • Shanti Grama
  • Belur
  • Nuggehalli
  • Nonavinakere
  • Bindiganavile.
There are however more than a dozen villages scattered around in southern Karnataka region from which their origins could be traced.

Hebbar Iyengars have established themselves in various fields like Arts, Nuclear Science, Yoga, Music etc.

Kadambam group of Hotels is owned by Hebbar Iyengars and they serve authentic Iyengar Cuisine.


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