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Iyengar Food Items

Iyengars are famous for their delicious food preparations. Bangalore and Mysore are peppered with Iyengar bakeries. There are very special and specific preparations of Iyengars, which are very popular and bear the stamp of traditional Iyengar community. Iyengar cuisine is pure vegetarian, ensures balanced diet and has its unique taste. They do not have garlic and use very little onion and a very restricted use of oil. They avoid using coloring agents and artificial additives.

Some of these famous items are listed below.



It is synonymous with Iyengar and Iyengar cuisine. It is the preferred “Prasadam” at south Indian temples. Puliyogare is a unique mix of rice, tamarind pulp and a variety of spices. Topped with roasted peanuts, tangy in taste, it makes a great combination with fresh curds. Iyengars from Melkote are famous for this recipe. Puliyogare

Kara Pongal (Ven Pongal) and Sakkar Pongal

Ven Pongal

Both are mouth watering rice preparations. Ven pongal is usually prepared early in the morning during Dhanurmasa and offered as “Prasadam” in most Vaishnavite temples. It is a combination of rice, green-gram dhal and spiced with pepper, jeera and cashew nut, giving it that unique luscious feel. A good digestive, especially when accompanied by the lip-smacking fenugreek-tamarind gojju (sauce).

Sakkar Pongal is an exclusive preparation of jaggery, rice and dal. This heavenly dish is topped with ghee, roasted raisins and cashew nuts.  It can be made more exotic with the addition of other dry fruits like badam. Sakkar Pongal
Kancheepuram Idly  
Kancheepuram Idly It is the exotic cousin of the common idly. The fermented rice and urad dough is spiced up with pepper, jeera, coconut pieces, channa dal etc. An excellent snack dish, it is served with lip-smacking chutney and ground nut or gingely oil and chutney powder.
There are several other famous items from Iyengar’s kitchen. They are Nuchina Unde (a steamed ground tur dhal delicacy served with Majjige Huli- buttermilk based pumpkin curry; Adai Dosa- a dosa of mixed lentils; Pudina Pulao; Pacha kolambu Sadham- mixed vegetable rice preparation without any sour ingredient and a dominant mustard tang;

More Kolambu Sadham- rice mixed with buttermilk based white pumpkin curry; Gasgase Payasam- Kheer with poppy seeds and ground nuts finely ground; Tarkari Akki roti- rice floor chapathis with vegetables; Kadambam- rice delicacy with raw bananas and sweet pumpkin with a dash of fried rasam powder sprinkled on top; Molagu Kootu, made of toor dhal and pepper, mixed vegetables; Sajjappa, made of Bansi rava, coconut, ghee cardamom; Thuni Thengol made of rice and urud dhal; Uland Ogare consisting of rice, ulud dhal, channa dhal and dry coconut; Ambode- similar to maddur vada but without garlic and onion.

All these items are to be tasted to experience the pleasure of the palate. Step in to any Kadambam restaurant and give your taste buds a treat!

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